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Although the publishing date for the Kindle version of my debut novel BLOOD SACRAMENT was published at Amazon's Kindle on 18 Sep 15, I had trouble publishing this website until now. The bugs seem to be fixed, so now my baby, a crime thriller, is presented to the world. It's an amazing feeling to see it on Amazon's website and to hold the print version in my hands (yes, I ordered that done through Createspace as well!).

I will work hard to keep from obsessing over it because I have a lot of work to do on the follow-up. That one is written, but I need to go over it a few times more to make sure it's ready to put out to a reading public.

I also need to decide whether to publish a novel that I have ready. It's a farcical comedy. Completely different from the crime/thriller genre.

But I hope to hear from anyone who wishes to comment on BLOOD SACRAMENT as well as your ideas about what and when I should publish next.

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