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Story behind the story (Pt. 1)...

Now that BLOOD SACRAMENT is on Amazon and a few copies have been bought, I will write a few posts about how this novel came about. First, the inception, of course...

As with any American school system, even here on military bases in Europe we have the occasional college student whom we host in our classrooms for their student teacher practicums. I've had the opportunity, and sometimes extreme pleasure, to host for three of these college students. This one young lady in particular didn't realize that she had created the spark of a novel to be written by her host teacher.

This student teacher taught a unit to my 10th graders over the mystery story. One of the tasks the students were to perform was the writing of an original mystery. I've always liked creative writing exercises, so I decided to play the role of student and write my own mystery short story.

It became something else from a mystery. And it grew way beyond a short story. It eventually became BLOOD SACRAMENT.

(More to follow...)

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