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Prime suspect without rhyme or reason...

Previously, I described the flaws in the killer I created in ALTAR BOY, the original manifestation of BLOOD SACRAMENT. I had begun with the character of a homeless alcoholic bum named Nappy, nickname for Napoleon (sorry...I know it's cringe-worthy!). The problem I realized is that there was no story in how he came to be on the streets. Orignally, this Nappy simply dropped out of college because of his love for the sauce and then voila!...he's homeless and seen over the body of a dead priest.

I realized after a time that I needed him to have a reason to be homeless and killing himself slowly with his alcoholism. He needed to be running from something, some kind of avenging Furies. He became Dizzy, a mix of his initials (D. Z., for Diego Zambrano), and although he did drop out of college, from there he had gone into the U.S. Marine Corps. And while serving a deployment as a Marine, he witnessed something that made him run and self-medicate with the booze.

Much more realistic, and far more dramatic!

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