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THE 4TH MANIFESTATION is available now on Kindle. I believe it's ready, but then I believed the same about the first book in that series, BLOOD SACRAMENT. I spent a couple weeks going over that one again and realized some basic errors (not many, but I'm picky) and some wording that I could improve. I did it and paid for the new version to be formatted, then replaced the existing version on Kindle and Createspace with the new. It wasn't difficult, nor at this moment in my life expensive.

I've chosen another promotion site's services for BLOOD SACRAMENT, and hopefully this one will target the book to readers and not fellow writers as the other one I mentioned did and does. (I'm hoping that I will be able legally to rant and name that site later...I will look into that before I make a mistake and get sued. I only feel that it's morally wrong for that fellow and his associates to make a dime doing nothing for gullible writers who will give him that dime in hopes...) You have to book a date or dates for that site's services, and they appeared to be full when THE 4TH MANIFESTATION was ready to publish on Kindle. My hope is that readers of BLOOD SACRAMENT may like it and want to also read it's sequel. So on May 9th, emails will pour out of that site alerting readers (hopefully) to the first book. We'll see what effects will happen during that week (2 weeks from now).

Your ever-eternal optimist, T. K. Laverents

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