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Captain Anal Strikes Again!

Happy May Day, when in the merry ol' days of the Evil Empire of the Soviet Union, the common working man lined the streets of Moskva to see how his hard-earned labor's taxes were being spent. Those days are gone, alas, and now Ivan has to watch sports on TV, get drunk with his buddies, or maybe spend the day with his family if the games have been cancelled due to terrorist threats and his buddies have all passed out.

I have just given yet another version of BLOOD SACRAMENT to the formatting firm I use. Going over the proof copy from Createspace, I noticed a consistent problem. I'm an abuser of the ellipses, and I noticed that the way I write them in Word is like this: space-dot-space-dot-space-dot-space. It turned out in the PDF and ebook looking like this: "I wonder... Could it be true?" when I meant this: "I wonder...Could it be true?" I went through word-by-word, line-by-line and corrected those and a few other minor errors (like spelling) along the way.

Maybe I'm too anal, but I really want this right, I really want it professional. I see what I'm trying to do as art, and not merely products to sell. And perhaps if the work is art, it will also sell. But first it must be something I can believe in and regard with pride.

So the product that will be available when a promotion campaign (through a service I'll gladly name in a later post if it succeeds) begins on May 9th will be the result of yours truly, T. K. Laverents, a.k.a. Captain Anal.

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