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Another promotion attempt...

I now have what I'm sure is the absolute final version of BLOOD SACRAMENT on both Kindle and in paperback on Amazon. I booked a day of promotion from another site, and the Kindle ranking shot from 1,852,000 to 47,000. Sounds and looks impressive. However, that was six (6) sales, and I would need to be in three digits to earn the money back. It did look nice for a day, but the ranking has already slipped in two days to over 100,000, and with each passing day it will slip eventually back into oblivion.

Supposedly, reviews would help, so I will look into trying to get reviews for free copies. From what I keep reading, 20 reviews is the minimum magic number. But one question keeps popping annoyingly into my mind: how about a review or two from someone who actually bought the book?

Oh well, I'll keep trying to find ways to promote, and I will most definitely keep writing. I can't stop.

An absolute final Kindle version of THE 4TH MANIFESTATION, follow-up to BLOOD SACRAMENT, will be out within a few days.

Something I must share: I was believing that I'd been writing these posts in a vacuum, but then I got a message through this website from one of the best, most creative dudes I've ever known. 40 years after we parted company in the Army! Thanks, Dale! You are still the class act I remember...

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