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No sense of urgency...

I have final versions of the two McConnell Crime Saga books, BLOOD SACRAMENT and THE 4TH MANIFESTATION, available on Amazon on both Kindle and paperback through Createspace. I'm slowly hacking through the crime-comedy, VISITATION RITES, to make it as perfect as possible. It's on Kindle, and the final version will soon be there and in paperback as well. If I could turn back the clock a decade or near that, I'd probably feel a sense of urgency to crank out as many books as possible, and quality be damned. I'd also probably be making a living solely with writing. But here I am, now, and the bubble has long ago burst on the self-publishing boom. So, I'll write at my leisurely pace and create work that I can be proud to claim. It may never sell, but if it does, that will partially be due to quality, and some designated beneficiary will reap the financial rewards. Good for him or her!

The promotion effort I attempted two weeks ago did not exactly make waves. In fact, it rippled for 8 sales (6 for the one I promoted and 1 each for the other two titles). Though that's twice better than the first company I went with (at only 1/3 the cost), I was still nowhere near making my money back.

After I have VISITATION RITES written to my satisfaction and up on Kindle and Createspace, I will be working on the third and final book in the McConnell Crime Saga, and I will also work on getting reviews. 3 reviews and holding for BLOOD SACRAMENT is not exactly drawing the flies to the honey...

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