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As I wrote in my previous posting, I will soon publish the entire McConnell Crime Saga 3-book series on Kindle. Each of the individual titles (BLOOD SACRAMENT, THE 4TH MANIFESTATION, and STILL WATERS) are available at Amazon for $2.99, so next week I will put the series up for $4.99. I haven't yet decided what kind of promotion I'll do, but it will probably be a combination of strategies.

There's no doubt that this series is all about crime, and specifically, serial killers. I attempted in each to be entertaining, with constant action and splashes of humor. The advantage of self-publishing is that I can write what I wish. I know that if I had gotten a contract with a major publishing house as I'd hoped when I was far younger, I'd have possibly made more money by now. I attempted to go that route, no one bit on the bait, so here I am. I could either be completely frustrated and unpublished, or somewhat frustrated and self-published. So to steal from Robert Frost, "I took the [road] less traveled by. . .and that has made all the difference!"

Had I gotten a publishing contract, I would never have been able to publish VISITATION RITES, some of which is loosely based on personal experience and people I've known, so it was a labor of love, and I'm proud to put it out for others to read. My point, though, is that as a traditionally-published author of serial-killer thrillers, I would have been placed in a box by my publisher as such a writer, and a farcical comedy would not have been accepted for publication. This book would have remained in a frozen death in my computer's hard drive. Likely, I wouldn't have the option of self-publishing it, according to the publisher's contract.

So although this series, THE MCCONNELL CRIME SAGA, may or may not in some future date grow beyond the current three books, I will continue to write what I wish. My current effort, for example, is a near-future dystpial (I just created a new adjective, and I like it!) look at the good ol' U.S. of A. through the eyes of a visitor from prosperous Poland. Neither a farcical comedy, nor serial-killer fare.

I may post some of that work-in-progress here, but more on that later.

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