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Will she live or will she die?

When I finished the first draft of STILL WATERS, I had Chelsea McConnell killed. Frankly, I was getting tired of her, and tired of the McConnell family. Don't get me wrong, I really liked them as I created them, and like them still. It was just that I thought, "Enough's enough! Let's end this and move on!" However, when I was certain that I was coming to the end of the final revision, I couldn't let her die. I understand that she's a fictional character (how could I not know that since she's a product of my warped imagination?), but I've grown attached to her.

So...the ending is ambiguous. Maybe she will survive, maybe not. If Doyle could revive Holmes, why not leave the ending open for such a survival/revival? I do have an idea...some further purpose Chelsea can serve. But even if I decide to bring her back for another book, that's down the road. Way down the road, after two more unrelated books: one that I'm currently writing, and the other for which I've made notes.

Stay tuned, dear reader...or dear vacuum!

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