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Weddings, Royal and Others, from every angle...

Actually, this post won't cover anything from every angle. That's impossible. But I got inspired to write about the Royal Wedding of Harry and the Hendersons...wait, oh! right...Harry and the former Miss Markle because that's what nearly 50% of the content on the internet was about today. Who attended. Who was invited but didn't attend. Who wanted to attend but wasn't invited. Who was dead but was invited anyway. The looks attendees gave one another at the wedding. What everyone was wearing. I really don't care about any of it. I'm an American, but even common Americans tend to care about weddings between people who wouldn't let common Americans within adoring distance. So when I saw the headlines of an article, SEE MEGHAN MARKLE'S STUNNING WEDDING DRESS FROM EVERY ANGLE, I just had to click. After all, I'm a guy. Her dress from EVERY angle? EVERY angle? Hell, yes! Boy, was I disappointed. Folks, there were some missing angles. I wasn't stunned. I was hoping to be. False advertising strikes again!

Oprah was in attendance, and an article proclaimed that she was the "closest person America has to a queen." I thought that was RuPaul. Oh, well, what do I know? But then she does have that ONE thing in common with Elizabeth I.

There was this one wedding on foreign soil that most Americans don't remember because they glossed over the news back when it happened. But we as a nation were instrumental in the ceremony that all attendees who survived will remember for the rest of their lives. In Yemen (most Americans would never come close to locating that country on a globe) back in 2013, an American attack drone operated by the American military under the former, Nobel-Peace-Prize-winning President, released four missiles on a wedding caravan killing a dozen. After that attack, it was probably quite easy to view the bride's stunning wedding dress from literally every angle. . .spread over hundreds of yards.

Congratulations, Royals! Now get back to whatever it is you do...

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