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Do promotion campaigns work?

In the past month, I've advertised my wares on Google Adwords, Facebook, and Amazon. As a result of all of it, I sold a whopping two units of THE McCONNELL CRIME SAGA 3-book series. Don't get me wrong: I'm grateful for both of those sales. It's just that the bang for the buck factor isn't very strong, to understate it. If I could thank the two customers individually, I certainly would, but there's no way of knowing who you are. So in hopes that you stumble your way into this blog, I'll say it here. To whomever you are, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! If you were to respond, I'd like to know which ad campaign of the three prompted you to make the choice.

In the meantime, two of my ad campaigns are ending today, and since the Google Adwords campaign is ongoing, I'll at least have a rough idea whether that one does some good.

Another hope is that if anyone does read any of my work, it will lead to a customer review at Amazon. People can click their way to my Amazon page, but what they see isn't impressive if they make decisions to buy based on numbers of favorable reviews.

I'll post about reviews next, so stay tuned, dear vacuum!

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