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Shut up and play your music...or act...or write...

I used to like Bruce Springsteen, especially in his raw and gritty BORN TO RUN days. The lyrics were about life on the mean streets, and the music packed a heart-filled punch. Then he got more and more commercial, and pulled away from me. But when he really lost it for me was when he got political. It wasn't whom he was supporting, nor whom he opposed. It was THAT he supported and opposed political candidates...on stage, even. When I go to a concert, I want to hear the music and between songs the performer's dialogue with the audience about the music and their lives, and about them, the audience. If I want to hear about a political candidate, I'll switch on the news or even attend a rally. So, though I formerly had a Bruce Springsteen concert on my "bucket list," I've kicked that bucket.

I used to like Robert DeNiro, whose characters are etched upon my mind. (Few can forget "You lookin' at ME? You lookin' at ME?" Those lines have become iconic, even though many people who know them don't know where they come from!) He pushed the limits, sometimes missing the mark, but more often than not rising to the level of a Brando. But then, he, too, became political, especially when he raised his pumped fists and shouted, "Fuck Trump!" at some type of Hollywood award ceremony or other (they do love to give each other awards!). His adoring colleagues loved it, of course. But me? I'll have to think hard about giving him any of my hard-earned pay via a movie theater ticket.

I used to like Stephen King. The worlds and characters that man created! What a genius of a writer. But suddenly HE's joined the political bandwagon, with tweet after tweet attacking the Tweeter-in-Chief. Really, Mr. King, many of your fans hope you spend your writing time at your typewriter, chilling and thrilling us with your stories. And go ahead and be covertly political THERE, like you did in THE DEAD ZONE. That's where your words work most effectively. I'll never forget many of your characters and scenes, but I doubt I'll be reading any new material from you.

If I were ever to become "somebody," I would keep my politics to myself and close friends and family. Once you open that political Pandora's Box, it's hard for fans to separate that person from the writer, actor, or musician they loved before. Your following then will eventually become nothing but the liberals or conservatives that you bred with your political rantings, and that's not a lot of fun for those of us who just want to hear some great music from a great musician...

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