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With the first step...

According to an ancient phrase from some source I've forgotten, "The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step..." Or something like that. In the past two weeks, I've received notice in my email that I have received two "new subscribers" to my mailing list. Others have sent me messages through this website, but either acquaintances from my past whom I wish to stay that way or people wanting to sell me their services. If I want to buy something, I go to your website. I'm attempting to sell shit here.

But those two subscribers may possibly be real readers, and they will hopefully be the first two legitimate subscribers of many to come.

I am now in the next-to-last revision of my next novel release, and I believe I have settled on a title. At first I wanted to call it TILL HUMAN VOICES WAKE US after the last line from THE LOVESONG OF J. ALFRED PRUFROCK by T.S. Eliot, but it's the title of a couple lesser-successful novels and a film with Helena Bonham Carter. Then I thought of LEST THEY BE ANGELS, which the owner of an English-language bookstore in Paris placed on a wall ("Show kindness to strangers, lest..."). It's all right, but a close second to Eliot's line. However, I believe I've settled on BEFORE THE WINDS OF SPRING, from the poem entitled SILENCE by Edgar Lee Masters.

I've never been in a rush to publish, so this novel may be out in a month, or maybe three or more. But I'm sure it will be published sometime in the first half of 2019. I want it as right as I can get it. This one is "the one." I'm proud of my new baby!

Stay tuned...

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