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Finally another book released!

It's official! My fifth novel, BEFORE THE WINDS OF SPRING, is available on Amazon as of 15 May 2019. Set in a dark near-future America, this one is not so easy to "pigeon-hole" into a genre. It's got lots of crime in it, but it doesn't center around a crime to be solved. It contains a plot point that is revealed eventually to explain a character's motivation, but it's not a mystery. It's as I said set in the near future, but it's neither science fiction nor dystopia. So I've been listing it as "general fiction" and sometimes "literary fiction," though the latter feels a bit pretentious to me.

I put it out on pre-order about a month before the release, and made 7 sales, 2 at and the remainder at There's a writing competition running now at called Kindle Storyteller, so I focused a lot of attention trying to get sales and page reads at that site. I tried to advertise directly at the way I am able to do at, but that proved a bureaucratic impossibility. Instead, I've been running an advertising campaign aimed at readers in the UK and Ireland at Facebook, and that's has led a few to order the book.

In other news, I've finally received that elusive 10th review at of BLOOD SACRAMENT. Now it has 9 reviews rating it a 5, and the other one rating it a 4. I don't know, but it just looks a bit more legitimate with reviews in the double digits. However, to be honest it has led to zero sales.

Now that I have the wind at my back concerning publication, I hope there will be more occasion to enter postings here.

Till then!

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