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Not sure what to say...

I'm sure that if frequenters of internet blogs checked out the posts about two weeks ago, they got an overload about gun violence, especially mass shootings, in America, in the wake of Dayton and El Paso. I decided to wait before posting again about anything, and possibly the urge to post about this topic would have dissipated within me. But I can't hold back...

I have no solutions to offer, though I have read countless amateur and amateurish solutions offered by amateurs. The only thing I wonder about is that I don't know how the 2nd Amendment states that a regular citizen can own an AK-47, a Soviet-designed weapon meant for the battle field. Maybe it's fun to shoot, and most owners find sport in taking this weapon and shooting the shit out of targets at shooting ranges. I'm an idiot, I guess, but I say they should try reading good books instead. I read, for the "umpteenth" time, on Facebook that more people are killed by knives than by guns. Perhaps that's statistically true, but try this logic, Shit-for-brains: if the madmen in El Paso and Dayton had knives instead of military assault weapons, how high would the death counts have been?

I live in Germany, and I wonder about American culture and what it produces. I know of some here who hold racist views, but that's as far as they go. They hold the views, but they don't hold guns and act with them in crowded locales on their views. There will be the rare exceptions, but there's nothing politically or philosophically you can state based on rare exceptions.

As I said, I have no solutions to offer, only questions to pose.

And as Forrest Gump said, "And that's all I have to say about that."

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