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The only good guru is a kangaroo

Time to delete myself from another few Facebook groups administered by people who are "successful" writers only because they have produced mailing-list fans of 50,000 people, 10,000 of whom will buy anything by the writer. Yet these same writers have the gall to give, or actually to sell, advice via "courses" in the craft or business of writing. "I did it, and so can you! And for only $500 I'll share my secrets in this easy-to-follow course (#1 of 10 courses covering different aspects of what I do to make and keep myself a successful author)." I've never taken any of the courses, or in other words, I've never fallen for any of the bait.

Write and write well, then do some modest advertising, and if readers deem you good enough, you'll sell. And not with 50 or 100 quickly- and poorly-written titles, but with 5 or 10 well-written, well-crafted works. That is my aim. I respect readers too much to offer them quantities of drivel.

I will publish another work on Amazon late this week or early next, drawing inspiration from one of my favorite independent authors. More on that when I strike the "publish" button.

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