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I'm taking a long-ago cue from my favorite indie author, Hugh Howey. Back when he first published the widely-popular WOOL, he did so in novella-sized chunks. It was a successful strategy at the time. At the time, though, there were not yet millions of ebook titles on Amazon like today.

Although I have no delusions that adopting such a strategy will garner me Howey's kind of sales numbers, I have nonetheless decided to go that route with my next novel.

I don't yet know what the title of this novel will be, but I'm thinking THE APOSTLE'S SCRIBE or MY MASTER, THE APOSTLE, or THE APOSTLE, MY MASTER. It's set in 1st century Europe and Asia Minor, and follows the travels of a Germanic slave called Bern, ultimately leading to the man we know today as the Apostle Paul. I'm risking a possible writing future here, as I intend to paint a far different, not-so-flattering view of the man named Saul born in Tarsus and his "career" after he became Paul. Controversy can be either wildly successful or a death penalty.

Part One, entitled TO THE END OF THE WORLD, has been published on Amazon as an ebook only since late August of this year. I'm presently finishing the outline of Part Two, tentatively titled MEETING THE TENT MAKER. The three parts will be published as ebooks on Amazon, and once they are completed, the entire novel will be released in both ebook and print forms.

This is my most ambitious venture yet in writing. Please let me know what you think of each novella as they are released and published on Amazon!

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