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I like it, but I don't want it (?)...

In this current age of the internet and its venues of social media, I'm still the luddite dinosaur. I've managed to join and participate in Facebook. Hell, I even have a handful of friends there. I've joined a few groups that seemed on the surface at the time I joined to match my interests. A few of which I've since "unjoined."

Something that baffles me is the use of the "Like" button. I'm not sure what the hell the point is. Do lots and lots of "Likes" get you anything? I've gotten over a dozen of them on a reply to a post, but my bank account's not budging that I can see. In one group dedicated to a specific fiction genre, the group moderators like everything that everyone posts. I've mentioned there in a reply that "(Insert Name) likes whatever I say, but he doesn't seem to care to buy any of my books. He even 'likes' the books that he invites writers to promote here, yet not enough to buy them." He replied, "I've checked out your books, Todd. They're just not my thing." SO THEN WHY THE HELL DO YOU "LIKE" THEM?

Now the same thing is happening with a book I'm advertising on Facebook. I've garnered something like 35 "Likes," "Loves," and "Wows" in barely a month, but I've sold only one copy of that ebook and gotten a few Kindle Unlimited page reads, and for all I know it's possible that none of those resulted from the Facebook ad. If anyone reading this can teach me the benefits of being "liked" on social media, I'm all ears.

Enough for now. Time to go write something that everyone will like but few will actually read.

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