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Here we go again, Facebook community!

I posted a ad on Facebook asking for honest reviews of my novel DESTINY'S SLAVE in exchange for an ARC copy free. So far a few did what I asked and came here, and sent me a request through the Contact form. I promptly sent them each the form they wrote that they preferred, and I hope to see a review by them all when the Kindle version goes live on Amazon on July 1st. I, of course, will continue to do the same for anyone else who requests a copy.

However, several who have seen the ad "liked" the ad. WTF? I've seen many interesting ads on Facebook, but I've never "liked" one. What's the point? The creator of the ad wants me to buy something or join something, I would assume. If I go to a car lot and tell a salesman that I like his attempts, but that's all I do, he would be within his rights to tell me to fuck off. Not one of the "likers" have come here to request a copy, and none of those who requested a copy were ignorant enough to "like" my ad.

I have restrained myself from writing something snarky as a comment below my ad. And I commend myself for such fortitude!


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