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Long time, no blog...

Folks, it's been a long, long time since I've added a blog post. Sorry about that.

As I wrote once (a long time ago), I felt like I was writing in a vacuum here. No one has ever commented on anything I wrote.

However, it pleases me to report that DESTINY'S SLAVE is doing quite well, better than any of my previous titles. Thank you if you had anything to do with that.

I am going through edits of a young adult novel that I hope to traditionally publish. It is centered around the Ukraine-Russia war. I'll keep you posted if I receive any comments requesting it.

Another reason I haven't posted anything is the health issue I have been combatting. I was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in my lower jaw late spring 2022. In August I underwent surgery removing it, and then I went through several weeks of radiation treatment. I am still in recovery, of course, and will likely be in recovery for months in the future.

I'm not only a writer, but a fighter as well. I will beat this thing!

More later, maybe...


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