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Perfectionist or Anal-Retentive?

I recently noticed that only my paperback version of Destiny's Slave was available at While trying to find out why, I went to my bookshelf at to look at the ebook version information. I discovered that Amazon found some potential spelling errors. I wrote the list of 5 out of 102,000 words and went to my Word document version. Sure enough, I located and then corrected all five. Now I need to send the new version to a formatting service and resubmit to Amazon. For only 5 mistakes? Yes! I want my readers to experience the best quality that I can give them. So I will definitely do this, even at the cost I will incur. I like this book too much to send out an inferior product.

Speaking of which, I noticed an ad on my Facebook feed from a man who wants to sell a program to authors to boost their sales. I'm glad I clicked "more" and read it all. It's not about quality at all, but all about quantity. The man states that he has a formula to crank out multiple titles. If you sell only a few copies per week per title, but you have dozens of titles, that's a decent income. It's a scam, plain and simple! I looked up the man's name on Amazon and found only one title attributed to him, and that was with a co-writer, and a book about selling books.

Let the buyer beware!


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