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Say what you mean?

I often cringed at things President Trump said, but that's because I understood the words, and the words were sometimes cringeworthy. I often cringe at things President Biden says, but for other reasons. Sometimes he utters 51-word "sentences" that make no sense, as he did in remarks at a press conference in the White House with German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently.

"When we think about the future, the future we want for the world, there's no issue--there's no issue said at all--that I believe we find any other than like the certainty that a commitment that between the United States and Germany doesn't benefit whatever the problem, the concern is."

Will someone please tell me what that means? The words are English words, but I still need them translated. Speaking of which, I wonder what the German translator put into Angela Merkel's ear. I would have made something up, like "I really need some ice cream, so after we finish talking, let's go into the kitchens and see what's in the fridge."

I remember diagramming sentences back in junior high school. My grammatical challenge for you, dear blog readers, is this: Diagram that press conference "sentence." I double-dare you!

I also challenge President Biden to write his own memoir when he finally retires instead of hiring a real writer. Talk about stream-of-conscious writing...It could become a classic!


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