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Still waiting, but I'd better not hold my breath...

From my Facebook advertisement attempting to give my book to those who wished a copy in exchange for an honest review at, I received only a few requests. Still, though, after several weeks there is not a single review posted for Destiny's Slave. I really don't know what the secret is to getting reviews, which help to attract readers, but at this point in my life I'm not sure I need to spend much time studying it. I will continue to write and self-publish, but I need to look into how to stop the Amazon advertisements and how to divert any future sales to a beneficiary's bank account. I'm getting older each day, and perhaps my work will attract an audience in the future after my passing.

And why instead of I've entered the Kindle Storyteller competition hosted by I believed in my naivete that the book would do quite well there and that I'd have a good shot. Wishful thinking, I know, but there's never any harm in that.

Cheers, folks, and happy reading! (I only hope some of that will be books of mine...)


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