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I plan to publish several titles, not all related nor in the same genre.  I consider myself first and foremost a storyteller, rather than a (insert the genre) writer.  So please don't expect the titles below to follow a thread.  I hope to entertain you with an entire palette of emotions.

Blood Sacrament


When a killer hears the voice of the Virgin Mary, Catholic priests are targeted and an innocent Marine Corps veteran is on the run for his life.

Dizzy, a bum with a taste for booze and books, is a college dropout and Marine Corps deserter.  He's been running for years from the memory of his cowardice resulting in the death of an innocent Iraqi girl.  But when he is seen in a city park standing next to a murdered priest, he must now run from the police and confront the killer in order to clear his name and destroy his personal demons.


And between the converging paths of the killer and the hunted, Detective Lieutenant Patrick McConnell races against time to prevent the next . . .

                                                                                BLOOD SACRAMENT.

Visitation Rites


Financial consultant Robert Winford has just been divorced and one of the “benefits” he won in the settlement is the right to a month-long visit with his teenaged son Jacob.  He’d rather go through root canal surgery.


Jacob talks his father into taking a road trip into the desert, and while there, Robert discovers life and love, and secures a place on the F.B.I.’s “Most-Wanted” list.


Just your typical father-son road trip into the desert, complete with sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll . . . oh, and a little armed robbery tossed in for good measure.

The 4th Manifestation



A decade after the horrific events in Blood Sacrament, the McConnell family is settled into mundane, comfortable, suburban life. 


But then police Captain Patrick McConnell discovers that a killer has arisen to terrorize the city.  A killer who evolves and strengthens with each succeeding manifestation.  A killer who comes closer to McConnell and his family with each succeeding manifestation.


With the help of former homeless Marine Corps deserter Diego Zambrano, now Roman Catholic priest Father Diego Zambrano, Captain McConnell races to stop the killer before he can become the fulfillment of . . .


                                                                 THE 4TH MANIFESTATION.                                                                                      


Still Waters


Young blond women without prospects, drifting through town on their way to brighter futures.  They don’t make it past the reservoir system.  In fact, they don’t make it out of the reservoirs.

New F.B.I. Special Agent Chelsea McConnell’s assignment is undercover bait for the elusive Reservoir Rapist. She races against the clock in her mission to find and stop this monster before he finds her and sends her to join the others beneath the



Still Waters. . .


The McConnell Crime Saga


Books 1 - 3 in The McConnell Crime Saga. In BLOOD SACRAMENT, Lieutenant Patrick McConnell of Homicide races against time to stop a priest killer. A decade later, Captain Patrick McConnell of Vice discovers an ever-changing killer, whose terror culminates into THE 4TH MANIFESTATION. One more decade, and F.B.I. Special Agent Chelsea McConnell goes undercover in the reservoirs of northeastern Oklahoma as she investigates the bodies found in the STILL WATERS. Three books in the omnibus for less than the cost of two separately purchased!

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