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The waiting game...

Here's hoping that I'm not blogging in the dark, or a vacuum, or worse yet, in a dark vacuum. I've sold 6 (count 'em, 6!) copies of BLOOD SACRAMENT at Amazon. For a long while, I had 5 sales and 5 5-star reviews! Not bad numbers...

But then, suddenly after the 6th sale, I checked back and one of the reviews is gone. No notification that it occurred nor why. I've read on countless blogs about this happening, and it seems arbitrary. I wish that I'd taken a screenshot of all 5 reviews while they existed, but alas I did not. That review is not from anyone I know, so it couldn't be that. Maybe it's another Amazon-published writer, and for some reason, Amazon doesn't like author-author reviews, from what I've read. I'll never know, though, because like I said, I don't know who it was. I do recall that it was a male and he'd obviously read the book. What's weird is that the first review--from a "Hall of Fame," "Top 1000," "Vine Voice" reviewer--will stick, but there's absolutely no indication in the lengthy review that the man had read the book. All that he wrote was from the book and author page as well as the "Look Inside" pages. Thanks for the 5 stars, though.

I'll do my best not to obsess with reviews or sales (lack of...) and keep writing. I've written the 3rd edit of the follow-up for BLOOD SACRAMENT and while giving that a rest before returning to it with fresh eyes, I'm doing one last edit of a road-trip comedy that I believe will be called VISITATION RITES.

This is basically advice from Hugh Howey, one of my heroes. Forget promotion, he has said, and just write your next book, which is your best form of promotion. I'll have to take his word for it, but damn!--BLOOD SACRAMENT is a good one NOW! And it's there NOW!

But all that ranting is moot because I'm not sure if I've gotten any visitors to my site and this blog...

Hello? Anyone out there?

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