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Lunatic on the Crazy Train

I have been out of the classroom for a year while recovering from cancer surgery. Things seem to be going fine, and I may be back to "normal" within a few months.

But American life has changed in my year away. I don't know if I will face the challenge of being forced to use what I consider strange preferences in student preferred gender, especially pronouns.

To me, a person born with male genitalia is a male, and therefore "he" and "him." And a person born with female genitalia is female, and therefore "she" and "her." But what if I am confronted with a student who demands the opposite? What if an obvious male wants to be referred to by female pronouns?

I have a year-and-a-half before retirement as a classroom teacher. It will be challenging at this stage of my life and career to alter what I see as reality, but I will do it if I must. I will go against the grain of my core values and beliefs to make what's left of my time stress free. I will play that game to survive.

The world has gone insane, and I will be one of the lunatics on the crazy train!


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