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New Direction

As I stated in my last post, I will now start posting over whatever's on my mind. If my audience consists of only people from the Indian subcontinent or Nigeria, so be it.

I previously published that I am recovering from cancer. During my hospital stay for cancer surgery, it was discovered that I also have diabetes (type 2). Today I pricked my finger and was measured at 80. That's like not having diabetes. I am happy with that current reading, and I hope for a long, long life. Life is precious, and I hope to have a long life. I will be retired from teaching in a year and a half, and I would like to enjoy what's left, but I wish that to be several years.

When I do retire, although I am married to a lovely Polish lady who has no desire to live in America, I will move to Florida and visit my wife in the house that I bought in Germany in the summer months. In retirement, I have no idea how I will live, but I will live!

More to come....


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