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Next book coming soon!

I'm going through the final edits on a book, to give myself some writing to do while the follow-up (not truly a sequel in the traditional sense) of BLOOD SACRAMENT awaits another edit in an interim incubation period. More about that process when I return to it.

But my next book has no connection with BLOOD SACRAMENT. It's not even the same genre. I believe it's good enough to publish, so why not publish it? VISITATION RITES is more a comedy, and I'll need to think about what to call it, as a genre, and how to market it.

It's essentially a road-trip story about a recently-divorced financial consultant forced into honoring his visiitation rights with his teenaged son. In the desert, near the Grand Canyon, Robert (the father) discovers love and gets a life, and as a bonus, his place on the F.B.I.'s "Most-Wanted" list.

VISITATION RITES was originally a screenplay that placed well in competitions, though I was initially fool enough to believe that Hollywood would care. Starting as a screenplay actually helped to hone the story, as screenplays don't allow for description and deviation from the core plot.

It will be sent to a formatting service who will create a mobi file for Kindle. I won't waste money or time yet on a print version. Stay tuned, and I'll let you (if there is any reader reading this) know exactly when it's available.

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