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Anybody out there?

Although there may be interesting tidbits to add about my published novel BLOOD SACRAMENT, I'll save that for questions from readers. I'm not holding my breath, though. I have the feeling that I'm writing in this blog merely in order to practice my keyboarding skills. So if on the odd chance that a reader (if ever there IS a reader) of that novel stumbles upon this blog, feel free to write something, anything, in the Contact Me area. It would be nice to see if it even works.

In my previous post, I wrote about my novel VISITATION RITES, not at all related to BLOOD SACRAMENT. Well, I've sent it and a workable Kindle book cover to a formatting specialist, and within a week it will be ready to publish. I'm debating whether or not to offer it for free under Kindle Select for 5 days. If I knew that anyone was reading this blog, I would post the first chapter here.

Stay tuned, gentle non-existent readers.

Your writer in the dark vacuum...

T. K. Laverents

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