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Don't bite the hand that never fed you?

I've just published my second book. VISITATION RITES is a crime novel posing as a romantic comedy.

I attempted promoting BLOOD SACRAMENT through a service (whose name I won't reveal yet), but nothing happened. As it turns out, the site is run by a failed novelist who has found another way to make money without having to work. I didn't know that back when I joined the service, two months ago. It's possible that twitter spam can sell books, I suppose, but to other writers? Each time I clicked on someone who retweeted or favorited one of the tweets (God, how I hate that stupid-sounding jargon!) the service sent out, I discovered that it was another author.

You and I both know that writers sell books to readers who don't write books, but who read them for entertainment. The service's method applied elsewhere would be like a film studio spending millions to produce a movie that will be viewed only by those in the film industry.

So, I've finally wised up and taken the advice of great self-published writers such as Hugh Howey and the good dudes at Self Publishing Podcast (Johnny, Sean, and Dave): the best way to promote the book you most recently published book is by writing your next book.

And now that VISITATION RITES is out, I'm working on edits of a follow-up to BLOOD SACRAMENT, with the working title THE FOURTH MANIFESTATION.

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