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New book, new experiment/experience...

It's been two weeks since I last wrote here and a lot has happened in that time. I published my new novel, a quirky comedy called VISITATION RITES on Amazon's Kindle Select Program. As part of that agreement, I had the option to choose five days to offer it for free. I went to a free promotion site and listed the book for free from 18 - 23 November. I'm not sure if it's worth celebrating yet, but that resulted in 80 downloads. How many of those will result in reads and then ultimately reviews, who can tell? It is comforting to know that somewhere out there 80 different people at least have my book.

Now, it's difficult to say if those free days resulted in the one sale (from the U.K., oddly enough), but except for the formatting and cover picture, I've made a tiny bit of money on that book. Far more than I can say for BLOOD SACRAMENT, a far better book, but one that, although has sold 8 copies, has a long way to go to make up for formatting, cover, and the stupid venture with the promotion service I wrote about earlier.

I no longer believe that I must sell and sell well NOW. What I must do, is leave this blog and go write some more (edits on the follow-up to BLOOD SACRAMENT). Which is what I'm going to do now...

Oh, but if anyone stumbles across this blog, drop me a line in the "Contact Me" area. I'd love to correspond with you!

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