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Be my guest?

I recently received an email from a young lady asking how much I would charge her to write a guest post on this blog. I let her know that I may be happy to let her post here for free if she would send me an email with the proposed blog post and any other information she'd like me to include (such as a link to her website, etc.). It could be the beginning of a mutual business relationship, with followers from both sites visiting the other site reciprocally.

However, if that guest post wouldn't be a good fit for what I've been writing here, I'll have to politely decline. There are topics that I absolutely wouldn't allow someone else to place here: politics or religion, for example, even if they agreed with my own. These are topics that definitely turn people away, for a variety of reasons. And even if the topic were basically innocuous, I may still decline the post. What would be the point? I've been writing about my struggles and (ever-so-slight) victories on my journey as a writer. If in the midst of these posts, suddenly you see a post about canning fruit and vegetables, you may think it a bit off-topic.

So, yes, if you wish to write a guest-post here, I'm open, and it would be free of charge. But please read my posts and see if your post would fit in...

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