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The Amazon ad campaign I wrote about earlier is ongoing and is resulting in some sales and Kindle Unlimited page reads (for each page read by a KU subscriber, I receive .4 to .5 cents). So far I've spent a bit more than I've earned, but the loss has been negligible.

The major point in it for me is that some people are reading my work. And based on page reads, it appears that some people may be finishing a book or two. In addition, a few of my sales have been the second book of THE McCONNELL CRIME SAGA series, so to me that indicates that these buyers probably finished the first book. I believe that if they read a whole book of mine, they likely enjoyed it. I know that if I don't like a book after a few dozen pages, I give up on it.

Now for the next hope: Will somebody please leave an Amazon review of any book of mine that you read? And if any of your friends read the same work, could you encourage them to do likewise?

In other news, I'm working on making a paperback version of the entire three-book series of THE McCONNELL CRIME SAGA. More on that soon.

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