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I'm a member of several writing-related groups at Facebook, nearly none of which are doing me any good. So I'll be going through and doing some "spring-cleaning" soon. That's a euphemistic phrase for bailing the hell out of most of the groups. Some are full of brand-new writers who have never written a book yet, but they post some the most idiotic questions. "I'm looking for ideas for my first novel. Can you help me?" What? Sure, I can help. Just don't do it so that Amazon doesn't get even more cluttered than it already is!

There's another group that really annoys the hell out of me. It's all about making a few bucks here and there on each of the 50 to 100+ books you have listed on Amazon. Again, what? One of the moderators recently posted that he published his most recent book after beginning it 21 days prior. A novel written from start to finish in three weeks? I wouldn't trust the quality or originality of such a so-called novel. This man has well over a hundred titles published! Now, I have a challenge for him as well as any of his readers: have a 3rd party pick a few random titles...then you, writer or readers, write a summary of the plots. Either it can't be done because there are too damn many of them, or it's easy because all the plots are interchangeable.

Those of us who truly love works by a favorite writer know these works inside and out. Each title is unique...And I will bet that most of the time, a beloved writer has produced 20 or fewer novels in his or her career. John Steinbeck's work is that for me. James Michener as well.

I'm no John Steinbeck or James Michener, but I strive to get as close with each of my few titles as I can!

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