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In double digits...cause for celebration?

Something like a month ago, I received my 10th review for BLOOD SACRAMENT. It took over two years to "leap" from 9 to 10 reviews on Amazon. It just looks a bit more legitimate in double digits, but it really hasn't helped in way of downloads, sales, page reads. It just looks better.

I look at it personally. In other words, when I'm shopping on Amazon, I tend to gravitate toward those choices with several reviews, especially positive ones. So it's only natural that potential readers may do the same when choosing books. I've recently made sales on the other books in THE McCONNELL CRIME SAGA series, but at this point I would rather receive a few reviews from previous reads. As I said, BLOOD SACRAMENT now stands at 10 reviews, but there are zero for THE 4TH MANIFESTATION, STILL WATERS, or THE McCONNELL CRIME SAGA series omnibus. There is one for VISITATION RITES (not connected with a series), and it's the lamest 4-star review I can think of. Five words: "Nice jaunt through the southwest." So why is it a 4 instead of a 3 or a 5? I think in this case, that's a harmful review since it's the only one, and potential readers will see that and think, "Okay, so what? I think I'll pass." Also, since the release of my most recent, BEFORE THE WINDS OF SPRING, I've sold 3 at and 24 at I'm awaiting a review, but not holding my breath.

I know that many self-publishing gurus state that the best way to receive reviews is from their mailing list of subscribers. They write of subscribers numbering in 5 digits. They all believe that people like me need to publish 10 or even more books per year. Then there would be something to send to subscribers in the way of an email newsletter several times per year. I doubt that I will reach 10 books in my lifetime. I'm one of those oddballs who believes in the novel as an art form instead of a craft that can be factory-style produced. In other words, I prefer Steinbeck or Hemingway to Patterson. I've written about that before, but it wouldn't be worth putting in a newsletter to the thousands of my adoring fans who subscribe (ha!).

If anyone out there who reads any of my works would care to add a review at Amazon, I would most certainly appreciate it.

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