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Where to promote?

Happy Independence Day, to any American who reads this. If you're British, my condolences for your historic loss. However, I don't think you'd want to have to regulate Chicago, Los Angeles, or Detroit nowadays, anyway.

Speaking of those living on opposite sides of the pond, where I'm concerned as a writer, I've run into some interesting conundrums when promoting my books. For over a year, I've experimented with ads at the American, usually with rather underwhelming success. I doubt that I'll ever be able to say the same regarding the British, simply because I can't advertise there. Since I've entered my most recent work, BEFORE THE WINDS OF SPRING, into the 2019 Kindle Storyteller award competition at, I've realized that simply to place the work among the thousands and hope to be downloaded and read would lead to zero downloads and zero reads. So I've been trying Facebook ads targeted at British, Scottish, and Irish audiences. In only a month this has resulted in 25 Kindle units sold and over a thousand Kindle Unlimited pages read. This is far more successful that any attempts at I will admit, though, that I'm not turning a profit at the download price of .99 per unit, but at the moment, I'm interested in the numbers...Now if only I can get a review or two or twenty!

At the end of the summer when the competition ends, I will probably try Facebook aimed at all other English-speaking countries.

On a Facebook group to which I belong, a member once said, "People go to Facebook to socialize, not to shop. They go to Amazon for that." Maybe so, but while they're socializing, some of them are buying my book. And at Amazon, they're not shopping for my books...


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