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Tales of a career luddite...

I have nothing against religion, although it may appear at times otherwise in my writing. However, I can't stand seeing "evangelists" who are nothing more than bad actors. And bad actors, if you've been paying attention to current television and releases from Hollywood, make tons of money. Somehow, Facebook decided that I liked these clowns who fill up their auditorium-sized "churches."

In earlier days, they would be dressed in the most expensive three-piece suits and alligator-skin shoes. Nowadays, it seems in vogue to look like the poorest but coolest of your congregation: holey (not holy) faded blue jeans, chains for whatever purposes, sports shoes, and tee shirt.

Rarely is there any biblical scripture in their strutting show; it's more like bad self-help talks.

Well, in my stupidity, I would write things like "Get this clown off my newsfeed!" and often far crasser quips. There would sometimes be periods of days without these clutterings, which would lead me to believe that my crass campaigns worked, but they'd only return with the vengeance of the Lord!

Then, suddenly (likely from divine intervention) I found those three horizontal dots to the upper right of the video. I clicked, and behold! A multitude of possible actions I could take, among them the blocking of the particular offending false prophet.

The result? They're gone!

Thank you, Jesus! And forgive me, Father, for I am a luddite. My last confession was...

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