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The gods were angry...

Yesterday evening, I was all set to watch England vs. Germany in the Eurocup. The match was set to begin at 6:00 pm our time. I knew a rainstorm was coming, but I wasn't prepared for what hit our area at about 5:50 pm. First, the rain fell. Then, a sudden burst of powerful wind without a build-up first. The power went out, and there went the match. But I forgot about soccer (I mean football for any Europeans reading this), lit some candles, and wrote a scene of my next book with the computer on battery power. All the while, I had a view of nature playing hell on the garden. First, I will say that I need the power to go out more often, for I got a lot of quality writing done. But beyond that, I believe the winds were stronger than during some of the tornadoes I experienced as a boy in Oklahoma, and they lasted over an hour. Today I was able to go into the yard and salvage as much of the damage to the climbing roses as I could. Sadly much of those will be lost. But then making my way further into the garden I saw that half of an elm tree lay on the grass. The wind simply ripped huge branches and boughs from the trunk.

I couldn't help thinking about our distant ancestors. What did primitive man think was happening during such a tempest? Yes, that the gods were angry, but at whom? And after the destruction, how did he react? Did he blame one-eyed Groog and sacrifice him? Did he blame his cantankerous wife and sacrifice her? Did his cantankerous wife blame him and sacrifice him? Whatever, I will keep these thoughts in mind. Something tells me that there's a story somewhere in there...


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